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Many people who work and play, for long hours, outdoors can develop a tumor-like growth on their eye. It starts out small on either the nasal or temporal side of the eye and over time grows towards the central seeing part of the eye, called the cornea.

This type of tumor was named "pterygium" by the Greeks, meaning a "winged like" structure, since they thought it looked like a wing going across a person's eye. Today, they are often called "surfer's eye" or "carnocidades" meaning a meat-like structure. Pterygiums must be removed before they grow across the cornea and lead to astigmatism or vision loss. Dr. Carpenter is a skilled surgeon who specializes in pterygium removal and transplantation.

At Eye & Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. the latest surgical techniques and equipment are used to remove these tumors and prevent reoccurrence. If you are suffering from this condition, call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Carpenter. He will design an individualized treatment that is right for you.

Since Dr. Carpenter is an eye and facial surgeon, most vision and facial procedures done at Eye & Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. are covered by medical insurance - you do not need to have vision insurance. That means that your medical insurance will cover services needed to correct those droopy eyelids, annoying facial lesions or poor vision. Call today for a consultation.

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